Safe Haven

Let me start off by saying this soundtrack was a pain in the ass to find. Every time I looked for it, everything from Google to Amazon wanted to give me the other "music inspired by" soundtrack. Those drive me nuts. To be perfectly honest, a part of me hates them. Mostly because I'd say 90% of the time the songs "inspired" by the movie are terrible and/or don't match at all. But I digress.

I don’t remember how I finally got this soundtrack, but I’m happy to finally have it. I won’t go through each track in this review simply because while there are only 17 tracks, the vast majority of them are rather short. In fact, they average out at around 2 minutes-ish each since the entire CD is only 38 minutes long. That and much of it is background music that doesn’t really require me to go into great detail.

1.) Canoeing (Katie and Alex's Theme) - 1:48
2.) Running Away - 3:01
3.) Letting the Bus Go - 1:25
4.) Walking in Southport - 2:30
5.) Foot Through the Floor - 1:56
6.) Josh Falls - 1:10
7.) Kiss Goodnight - 1:10
8.) Bedtime Without Mom - 2:04
9.) Tierney's Rage - 3:00
10.) Tierney Arrives - 5:26
11.) No Safer Place - 2:55
12.) Mom's Loft - 0:40
13.) In Flames - 3:15
14.) After the Fire - 2:33
15.) Katie Thanks Jo - 1:12
16.) The Letter  - 3:11
17.) Alex and Katie - 1:19

Tracks 2, 9, 10, and 13, are all more dramatic as these are the scenes where Katie’s less-than-stellar husband is searching for her or causing general havoc. Track 6 is tense as that’s where the boy Josh falls into the water – but without any repercussions so no worries there.

The rest of the score is fairly mellow and follows closely along with track 1 in that there’s often some variation of Katie and Alex’s theme going on. Makes sense seeing as they’re the focus of the movie, but every now and again things deviate just a little into soft, lazy guitar like tracks 4 and 8. Rarely does it go into full orchestra, but the movie doesn’t really call for anything big and dramatic either, and it all works out rather nicely.

I wanted this soundtrack primarily because I was working on a book and really liked Katie and Alex’s theme and wanted more of it if possible. While this soundtrack hasn’t ultimately proved to be a muse-inducing selection, it’s still very nice and something I enjoy listening to on sunny days while goofing about in my room, or in one case, hooking up my MP3 player to some speakers and playing it outside one summer night while I went for a dip in the pool. It’s particularly nice for outside enjoyment, and much of the movie takes place outside as well so the happy notes, roaming piano, and lazily plucked guitar strings match up well. I simply cut out the Tierney tracks and go about my day.

So if you like laid-back, sun-shining-through-the-trees music, this is a great choice.



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