The Holiday

I thought The Holiday would be a cute movie to see, but when I was sitting in the theater, I didn’t expect to get excited about the music that was involved. When I do get all giddy over the music, usually there is at least one specific piece that I “ooh” and “aah” over. I had no idea who the composer was so I made a point to find out at the end. Hans Zimmer. Really? I was quite shocked. I knew he could do some sweet, casual pieces as demonstrated by his work on Something’s Gotta Give, but I’d never been fully immersed in it before. A very pleasant surprise.
There are 22 tracks total, most of which are under 2 minutes. Also because the music is all very similar, I’m not going to run through each track for this CD.
1.) Maestro – 3:53
2.) Iris and Jasper – 3:24
3.) Kayak for One – 1:30
4.) Zero – 2:44
5.) Dream Kitchen – 1:35
6.) Separate Vacations – 1:47
7.) Anything Can Happen – 0:48
8.) Light My Fire – 1:14
9.) Definitely Unexpected – 3:34
10.) If I Wanted to Call You – 1:50
11.) Roadside Rhapsody – 1:39
12.) Busy Guy – 1:28
13.) For Nancy – 1:27
14.) It’s Complicated – 1:00
15.) Kiss Goodbye – 2:33
16.) Verso E Prosa – 1:59
17.) Meu Passado – 1:25
18.) The “Cowch” – 2:42
19.) Three Musketeers – 2:44
20.) Christmas Surprise – 2:32
21.) Gumption – 3:45
22.) Cry – 2:39
There are a lot of relaxing instruments that take point here. Where in other works of Zimmer’s he needs some smashing drums and very sharp strings to help push the edge, here you get to see Zimmer’s softer side, enhanced by a lot of piano, plucky guitar (reminiscent of Something’s Gotta Give), happy flute and a lot of other playful melodies that you are sure to enjoy. Some of these tracks could be singled out for a mix CD that you could use to have a fun, light lunch with friends, such as “Light My Fire.” What little horn and vocals you may hear come in the form of “Verso E Prosa” and “Meu Passado.” They are a bit different from the rest of the soundtrack, but still quite enjoyable. I prefer “Verso E Prosa” because it’s got just a tad bit more pep. I don’t mind either of these nestling into the CD and in fact, sort of forgot about the vocals and horns until making a point to revisit them. It all meshes together so nicely, it’s easy to let one track slip into another and forget about distinction.
I do a lot of work to this CD. I also listen to it as I fall asleep with other songs that are chilled for a night’s rest. The melodies, even some of the ones that are a little sadder than others due to what is going on in the movie, are all very mellow, but at the same time can be a little toe-tappy depending on your mood. To be honest, when I first got this soundtrack I expected a few tracks to have the main theme and be the best tracks while the rest got lost in repetition of sound and style, but all the subtle variations, changes in mood, and overall pleasantness of the soundtrack made me love all of them.
This soundtrack is perfect for the tone of the film, perfect for casual listening, and perfect for background music if you like. I was right though, I do love the theme the most and I’m sure you will too.
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