When I finished reading the book, Dune, I decided that would be a good time for me to review the soundtrack. Even though the two won’t be exactly the same, it’s the spirit of the story that counts. Indulge yourself in music from 1984 (and you know it’s going to reflect that time, right?), even if the year is 10191, brought to you in a way only Toto could.

1. Prologue (1:48) – Get your intro straight from Princess Irulian herself with soft background music and your first, faint taste of the main Dune theme. Welcome to Arrakis.

2. Main Title (1:20) – Exactly what it says, the main theme of Dune and my particular favorite. A mix of Vienna Symphony Orchestra (with the addition of some electric guitar), very wide and impressive. Love it.

3. Robot Fight (1:14) – The previous track slips right into this one. This is definitely a unique track, using percussion only, some of which I think is likely electronic. Some of these sounds I simply can’t place with an instrument, but that’s what makes it cool.

4. Leto's Theme (1:45) – Very soft and a little regal, with hints of the main theme and darkness ahead. Feels much shorter than it is.

5. The Box (2:38) – Foreboding and low, but the harp adds some extra mystery to it. Dark throughout, and changes little, until the crawling strings near the end.

6. The Floating Fat Man (The Baron) (1:26) – “The Duke will die before these eyes and he’ll know, he’ll know, that it is I, Van Valdamir Harkonnen who encompasses his doom!” This is a great track with bell-like sounds and some very menacing melodies. The organ-like music reminds me a lot of a particular classical song, but it doesn’t quite hit the right notes, but it’s still a sweet piece. Too bad it isn’t longer.

7. Trip To Arrakis (2:36) – Another slow piece similar to “The Box” only this time we have some actual chorus added. Nothing fancy, just steady strings and vocals.

8. First Attack (2:48) – The first time we get to hear the main title with some chorus thrown in. Percussion gets us prepared for battle and the chorus goes up a few notches in tension. Sadly we don’t actually get into any fantastic battle music. Guess this was a covert attack.

9. Prophecy Theme (by Brian Eno) (4:21) – Slow and mystical, with some electronic sounds winding their way through like a galactic river. Cool and mellow, but filled with promise; for some reason I could see myself watching the Northern Lights to this track.

10. Dune (Desert Theme) (5:32) – Another good song because while it’s slightly reminiscent of The Baron, it’s got pieces of it’s own theme involved, headed up by piano, which is something you don’t often encounter in a soundtrack (and that gives it extra flavor). It’s both dangerous and hopeful and eventually works on bringing in the complete desert theme to life. Sure, it’s got that 80s feel for sure, but it’s still a cool piece.

11. Paul Meets Chani (3:05) – A tiny little woodwind (I don’t think it’s a piccolo but I may be wrong) introduces Paul to Chani, and we work out way into a very smooth melody that has the hints of love weaved into it. It does take on a little of the main theme here with faint chorus, as well as a little piano, suggesting some of the future prophecies the two may fulfill.

12. Prelude (Take My Hand) (1:00) – A small snippet of the “Take My Hand” song done entirely with orchestra. A rather beautiful song that has a few notes from the Desert Theme incorporated into it. Just a taste for now though.

13. Paul Takes the Water Of Life (2:52) – Very slow, nearly empty; until around 2:20 where we enter a tensed, acid-like moment before fading out.

14. Big Battle (3:08) – What everyone has been waiting for, the all out theme for the huge battle at the end of the movie. It takes time to wind up, with percussion and building instruments, but when we finally get that finale, it’s pretty awesome. I am so sad this track isn’t longer with more of the finale because it’s almost as though it’s over once it begins.

15. Paul Kills Feyd (1:52) – With the similar style of “Robot Fight,” this version is a little more deadly, because now this isn’t practice. Real knives call for real sharp music where in the end, someone dies. (haha, who doesn't remember Sting from this movie??)

16. Final Dream (1:25) – A fully fledged dose of a prophecy fulfilled, the entire orchestra plays along with plenty of chorus. Another song I truly wish was more.

17. Take My Hand (2:38) – Along with the main title, this song is what first inspired me years ago to seek out the soundtrack. It’s taken a long time, but I finally have it. This song plays at the credits, and even though it’s got that obvious 80s feel, I really do like it. It’s a good song that feels like it’s wrapped everything up, Paul has brought order to Dune and the empire, and all is well. Again, too bad it’s so short.

This CD runs at around 41 minutes, which I actually found surprising. Considering how some of these songs are so incredibly short, I thought it would come out to more like 38 minutes or something. While I really love some of these songs (as mentioned above), their shortness is almost agonizing. Once you start to get into the song, it ends. Or once the really great part of the song comes up, it’s over seconds later. Ah! It can be so aggravating. I really did hope for more, but I suppose if that’s all that was made for this movie, it’s all I’m going to get (which is kind of interesting to note since the movie is so long).

It’s the shortness that really does kill this CD. The music is really fantastic, and when you’ve seen the movie, you know just how broad the music can feel. Even without the movie, it’s still great, which is always a plus because some soundtracks just can’t stand on their own without the movie. 80s stuff always has some crazy stuff going on too. There’s really no way this movie could have worked without a soundtrack like this. “Robot Fight” is a good example of some of that weirdness. There are a lot of slower moments, much more so than exciting pieces, and while those are nice too, obviously the exciting pieces are a lot more fun to listen to.

Still, you’re bound to listen to it, even if the shortness drives you buggy. Likewise it’s perfect for the movie and doesn’t really have any true weak spots in terms of “Man, this track sucks” and the skip button gets hit.

Who wants some spice?


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