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The Fifth Element is a fun movie, hands down. It’s one of my top movies in that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. And I love Bruce Willis. I hadn’t really noticed the music until near the end, and then I really started to like the music that was going on. It was unique. That’s the perfect word for it. So then later on I hop-skipped on out and got myself the soundtrack, which was all done by Eric Serra, except for a few. And so here’s what you’ll get on it.

1.) Little Light of Love - I like this song a lot. I enjoy the fact that it’s the first track, because it gives you a little foreshadowing as to what you’re going to get. It’s a little different in that it’s got this unique, underlying sound in it. You’ll get what I mean if you hear it. Besides, this is the best place to have it – wouldn’t work at the end and would be out of place in the middle. And the lead singer (apparently Eric Serra - I thought it was Peter Gabriel) does a great job and I really think his voice fits very well for this song. If anything, just give this one a try.

2.) Mondoshawan - A lot of songs from here on out are pretty short, so don’t expect a big explanation on them. A slow, foreboding song here, a mix of dark strings and low techno sounds, with even a little chorus. Something bad is coming…

3.) Timecrash - Here we have an interesting sound – a hard, evenly paced song here with background sounds of ancient Egypt mixed in with almost robotic-like chorus and a little futuristic techno.

4.) Korben Dallas - This one, short though it may be, I love it.This is 100%  Korben Dallas style music. It starts off loud and then gets a little quieter and repetitive, but if you know where you are in the movie, it’s fine because you can just envision it. A lot of trash-can percussion here – at least, that’s what it sounds like. Either way, I love it. It’s perfect for Korben’s character and introduction. Heh…Bruce Willis is cool.

5.) Koolen - This song ties with another at the shortest at 0:54. But nevertheless, it’s a soft, empty space mixed with piano, beautiful song. If you’ve ever played The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, just think of the last day, 12:00am when the moon starts to fall. That kind of sound.

6.) Akta - Tapping percussion here from various instruments. The different strings and such used here give it a mix of Egypt and Italy all in one little snippet. It’s definitely different and interesting considering what time period we’re talking about.

7.) Leeloo - At 4:55, this is one of the longer songs on the CD. This is one of my favorites. Leeloo is the name of the perfect girl in The Fifth Element, and this captures her innocence, perfection, intrigue, and child-like ways all in one song. It’s soft and slow with a little bit of relaxing electronic sounds all woven with some symphony to create a very good effect.

8.) Five Millennia Later - Starting off ominous with a little spacey zapping sound that I used to have on my tiny, kiddish electric keyboard, things rise up into a little more space station music, but with some piano in there. I’ll tell you, Serra’s use of piano was great on this soundtrack.

9.) Plavalaguna - Ghostly little dings amongst creepy wind and other sounds make up this track. Enjoy the emptiness of space….

10.) Ruby Rap - Haha, I love this track. It really isn’t a rap, or even hip-hop. It doesn’t rhyme, it’s just Chris Tucker in his role of a wacky radio star. It’s straight from the movie, and cracks me up every time I hear it. It’s so weird. There’s even a little Bruce Willis in here – but he’s a little less than enthusiastic about being bothered by Ruby. This is randomness at its best ladies and gentlemen.

11.) Heat - This makes me think of a space station based on Jamaica. It’s reggae style with a little bit of computer hard drive in it. Short, but fun.

12.) Badaboom - Slow…quiet…bit of faint Egypt in the background along with that piano.

13.) Mangalores - Uh oh. A dark sort of march going on here – it’s one of those tracks where you listen and think, “Oh, that must be where some of the bad guys come in.” It’s pretty obvious.

14.) Lucia Di Lemmermoor - Here we have a little bit of actual opera; a piece written by Gaetano Donizetti. Now it may seem out of place, but don’t worry, because it’s not entirely normal. Rather, it leads into…

15.) Diva Dance - I know. It’s not your normal opera, but this sure as heck isn’t your normal movie either. Sung by Inva Mula Tchako, an Albanian soprano singer, it’s different and fun, and I’m all about the weirdness...

16.) Leeloominai - This is where we hear the actual, pronounced theme of the movie. It’s more or less Leeloo’s theme, but this is where you’ll hear it straightforward, strong strings and all. It’s short, but I enjoy it.

17.) Mina Hinoo - The other shortest track of 0:54, this is a very interesting one. I like it a lot though. It’s almost like the track before it, only this time with some of that Majora’s Mask empty-space feeling going on with just a saxophone chilling those theme notes. This one inspired me to write a poem entitled “Cabaret On the Moon” if that tells you anything.

18.) No Cash No Trash - It starts off like a king is going to enter the scene before just bouncing (yes, bouncing) into a techno type of song. That junkyard percussion with some robotic singing here and there. Cool stuff.

19.) A Bomb in the Hotel - Quiet….this is one of those sneaking-around/something-bad-might-happen songs….scary…

20.) Radio Waves - Another quiet song with a spacey feel that slowly goes to the dark side. Bad things are going to happen – it’s just a matter of when now.

21.) Human Nature - Leeloo is starting to get more of a taste of what humans are like. A little bit of Leeloo theme in here that grows and then withers into deep silence.

22.) Pictures of War - Leeloo must finish gathering history on Earth – but what she knows is something that she isn’t sure she wants to know anymore. All this death and destruction…you can almost see it with these despairing strings.

23.) Lakta Lingunai - Time is running out. An anxious theme plays here from various instruments, going downhill…but there seems to be a little light at the end of the tunnel before everything fades out.

24.) Protect Life - This is by far my favorite track. This was what I wanted (aside from the first one) when I heard it on the movie. Think of those little music box notes you hear when the box is opened. Well, this is Leeloo’s music box version, with some strings to back them up in a sad theme trying to become strong. I just love those notes and how they’re used in this song. Finally the strings have their power and things just blossom. The music box seems to be gone – but don’t get ahead of yourself. They’re still there…and end by leading into…

25.) Little Light of Love [End Titles] - …the refrain of track one! Rock on Little Light of Love. Burn brightly….

26.) Aknot! Wot? - Now this track…um…I think Eric must have been just screwing around. It’s the most pointless track on here and I think could have just been left out. It just takes Korben Dallas and repeats it/drags it out while quotes from the movie are stuck in, sometimes randomly and sometimes in a certain way to make a kind of dialogue. I didn’t like this track much at all. Even my lil sis, who is a kind of connoisseur of soundtracks like myself, didn’t like it and thought it could have been done away with. Maybe if there was more Bruce Willis in there...

So there you have it. Some great mixing by Eric Serra to makes some interesting tracks and does a wonderful job of entwining piano, strings, and other symphony instruments with electronic/techno style sounds. I especially liked the piano. Now I don’t know what you’re into, and I always point out that it’s nice to try something different, but this is pretty different. So unless you’ve seen the movie or just want something you usually don’t listen to…oh what the heck. Be different for once and give it a listen.


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