Guardians of the Galaxy

Pro: Fun, has its moments, works well for the movie
Con: Why are the tracks not in order??

The Bottom Line: While everyone lost their minds over the Awesome Mix soundtrack, I went with my usual. I’m not disappointed.

I debated about getting this score. I know Tyler Bates from his work on 300, where it was odd, but I went in to that movie, loved the music happening on screen, but then when it was by itself somehow it lost its luster. Hm. Only a few bits and pieces stuck out to me with Guardians, but ultimately I figured, “Why not?” After all, given how I’m essentially collecting Marvel soundtracks at this point, and I did enjoy some of the moments in the film, I might as well get them for myself.

However, there is absolutely no way I’m going track-by-track this time. Not with 29 total tracks and certainly not when about half of them are under 2 minutes. In fact, 5 of them are under a minute, with the shortest at only 0:36 seconds. I’m always on the fence about these. I mean, they’re so short – are they really worth putting on here? I guess they exist because they can’t be merged in with another piece, but still. The total soundtrack time is about 64 minutes, with the longest track being #13 at an abrupt jump up to 7:23.

1. Morag - 1:58
2. The Final Battle Begins - 4:21
3. Plasma Ball - 1:18
4. Quill's Big Retreat - 1:38
5. To the Stars - 2:52
6. Ronan's Theme - 2:24
7. Everyone's an Idiot - 1:26
8. What a Bunch of A-Holes - 2:14
9. Busted - 1:34
10. The New Meat - 0:36
11. The Destroyer - 1:27
12. Sanctuary - 2:26
13. The Kyln Escape - 7:23
14. Don't Mess With My Walkman - 0:44
15. The Great Companion - 0:51
16. The Road to Knowhere - 0:37
17. The Collector - 3:20
18. Ronan's Arrival - 0:56
19. The Pod Chase - 3:56
20. Sacrifice - 3:20
21. We All Got Dead People - 1:46
22. The Ballad of the Nova Corps. - 1:48
23. Groot Spores - 1:11
24. Guardians United - 2:46
25. The Big Blast - 3:05
26. Groot Cocoon - 2:29
27. Black Tears - 2:43
28. Citizens Unite - 1:15
29. A Nova Upgrade - 2:10

I actually went online to poke around to figure out the proper track order. While I went in thinking a ton of them would be slightly off, turns out only two of them are wrong. …Which is all the more annoying because – really? You couldn’t put these two where they belonged? “The Final Battle Begins” complete with Guardians main theme is right at track 2 – I mean, what the heck? It’s actually supposed to go behind “We All Got Dead People” and “To the Stars” should actually be the very first track. So there’s that.

Tyler Bates did the Guardians justice – everyone got their own flavor (“The Collector” is certainly different from everything else), bad guys are clearly bad, action is fast-paced and exciting, and certain moments really do stand out. Overall it’s enjoyable with a great variety of instruments and mixing to get the desired effect of reflecting just what’s happening on screen. Only a handful of times does it step off the screen and become its own creature – which, really, is when I find soundtracks are at their best because they’re just making everything that much more fantastic.

In this case, I’d say the best tracks are #’s 2, 13, 20, 22, 23, 26, and 27. But you can easily get away with turning on the whole thing and having a good time. It’s an entertaining hour’s worth of music that can be enjoyed for what it is or be used as background music on a sunny day while you clean house, or any number of other things.

So whether you go with this or the Awesome Mix soundtrack – or even both (you can always go online and find other soundtrack junkies who have listed out the order of the music from both soundtracks in the movie’s entirety) – you’re bound to like what you hear. My only other question is who will be at the helm for the next Guardian’s soundtrack…whenever that may be?



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