Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I was bored one day. I was wondering what to listen to. So I got the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack. It happens. It actually did kind of happen that way. Well, I was curious as to what it sounded like too. And frankly, I enjoyed it. So here’s a quick overview of the CD. I won’t go into too much detail because of lot of the songs had the same theme going on so there isn’t much to expound upon much of the time. Since there are so many tracks, I’ll let you know the times so you’re not thinking, “Holy crap, how long is this CD?”
1.) Fog Bound – 2:16 This song starts off with a bit o’ fiddlin’ (ok, it’s a violin) and soon gets ominous. We get our first small taste of the mystery that is The Black Pearl (a ship with black sails that’s crewed by the damned with a captain so evil that hell itself spat him back out…hehe), with a few winds and beating drums, fading off into the fog…
2.) The Medallion Calls – 1:52 Here is where the horns make their debut. They’re soft, but integral to the songs that will be played in the future. Then we finally get more of the movie’s overall pirate-filled theme (as Captain Jack Sparrow comes in on his…er…boat…thing). And it really does give you a feel for being out on the open ocean. Even if we are coming into port with Jack. Actually, there are two very similar themes going on throughout this whole CD. One is just the movie theme in general and the other is just Captain Jack Sparrow’s. It’s a great theme – Klaus Badelt did a fine job.
3.) The Black Pearl – 2:15 Ooh scary! A slow start at first before going right back into that great pirate theme, only with a little more added spice this time around, some more drums, strings on their own, and you can hear the flutes! They flutes finally get their spot, which makes sense due to the British influence thing going on during that time. If you don’t get what I’m saying, never mind.
4.) Will and Elizabeth – 2:07 No slow intro this time – THEME! I told you a lot of these songs would be theme-ish. This one is a little different, slightly choppy with little spaces in between for strings to do their thing. Here there are some more horns than before though, with a hint of suspense. I’ve seen the movie a couple times over, but I’m still wondering why exactly this one is called Will and Elizabeth…anyone have an answer to that?
5.) Swords Crossed – 3:15 This one is a great one. If you’ve seen the movie, this is mainly where Elizabeth finds herself stumbling into a crew of dead guys. Creepy? Well the song sure isn’t! Once it gets going, it’s going! It’s a pretty fun song with some creepy sounding elements in there…and then it slows down into that ominous tone again with a bit of chorus as well. Personally I think this one should be called Barbossa is Hungry because of it’s place in the movie…but oh well.
6.) Walk the Plank – 1:58 This song just jumps on in right after Swords Crossed but then chills out. It soon turns into that little violin on it’s own again like as in the beginning, then joined by a few more strings and picking up in the pace. Don’t know why this is called Walk the Plank though…
7.) Barbossa is Hungry – 4:05 A slow and drumming version of the theme this time around, eventually fading and one can hear a hint of woodwinds in the back before the song picks up again, with a dramatic beginning before turning into the theme and then back into something else, a drumming wait…a wait for something……and then bam! We’re back into a thrilling version of the theme again with a few added pieces into it. And hey, there’s that chorus again!
8.) Blood Ritual – 3:32 This one starts off gently and in a low tone. Then guess what? If you can’t guess by now, you’re fired. Actually this one sounds a bit like Jack’s opening piece if anything.
9.) Moonlight Serenade – 2:08 Another soft start – it makes me think that this is the type of music you could play while a pirate gave a quick eulogy to a fellow shipmate. Oh HO! And guess what happens when you get to the end?! *lol* This is a heavy one though – fight fight!
10.) To the Pirates’ Cave! – 3:30 Here, Moonlight Serenade flows right into this track. We’re introduced to a bit of soundtrack that is quite like Barbossa is Hungry. A lot of drums introduce…! That’s right! Our famous theme again – but just for a second. We soon drift off on a single horn into a little of what is more Will and Elizabeth if you ask me. That soft love theme that’s been hiding for a while underneath everything else. And just like Will’s chance…fades off into silence…
11.) Blood and Crossbones – 3:23 Dum dum de dum dum dum de dum de dum!! Here we have a bit of different horns to go along with for a while and some bangin’ drums as well until –! Yea. Hehe. This one eventually dies down and then one final couple of tunes – wait! It is a bit of Jack’s theme! Fooled ya didn’t I?
12.) Bootstrap’s Boostraps – 2:38 We start off with anxious sounds – the pirates are ready to do something. But then we have sudden hero-like music! What’s going on? We have drums, horns, and off-key flutes! I think we’re about to have a battle here. Ah, there it is again…hehe, that theme is all over this CD.
13.) Underwater March – 4:11 Ooh, low keys on a piano…low strings playing slowly…hmm, it sounds like someone died…oh waaaait a minute…but then suddenly it picks up! A triumphant theme this time! Huzzah! Huzzah! But then it does a sudden dip and we have that soft version again…the Will and Elizabeth undertone. But then it drifts away once again. Then things get dangerous again…you know, I think this track is actually backwards or something…because we had the win first and now we have them ready to attack again…oh well, it’s still good fun to listen to.
14.) One Last Shot – 4:45 Ah, this is my favorite track! Those soft strings get us going until we lead back into those quick violins and a bit of Jack’s theme – stop! Tubas take us down and then slow, quiet, gentle playing of all instruments curling all into (Jack falling off that wall) nothing like a wave upon a beach. But then a clarinet, and then strings, and then ah! Will and Elizabeth get their full fledged love version of the theme! And a fine sound it is too, filled with love, piracy, and triumph. This track if my favorite because it combines all the themes into one piece – it’s great. Ah, and Jack has his ship back too…
15.) He’s a Pirate – 1:29 I love this track too because it just launches into the theme full out. No different versions, just straight up pirate music, har har! Besides, this is also the ending credit music, so of course it’s gonna be fun times!
Ok, so I went into more detail than I planned, but I hope you had fun reading it. =P This is a good CD, don’t let the fact that the theme is everywhere get to you. It’s actually not bad at all because it’s not the same thing over and over. It’s definitely different than your usual soundtrack due to the nature of the movie, and that’s always cool. I just wish I knew who did the track labeling because sometimes it just doesn’t make sense…but, oh well, if the music is good, who cares?

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