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I suddenly remembered I had the Ghost Ship soundtrack hanging around and figured I might as well review it so I can figure out what to do with it later (I’m running out of music space). John Frizzell, a composer I am in no way familiar with (but who has composed 13 Ghosts, Dante's Peak and Alien Resurrection), takes the stage for this soundtrack. Why did I get this one? I largely seek out soundtracks because of one or two songs that strike my fancy as I watch the movie. Hopefully the rest of the soundtrack is good and I just missed it because I was busy following the action.
Interestingly enough, while this soundtrack contains a whopping 39 tracks, most of them are so short that the CD only lasts around 73 minutes. Because of the length and the similarity between many of the tracks, I’m going to forgo the detailed explanations.
 1.) Discovery – 1:56
 2.) Falling Apart – 1:55
 3.) Artic Warrior – 1:39
 4.) Deal – 3:16
 5.) Antonia Graza – 3:19
 6.) Welcome Aboard – 1:54
 7.) How's It Going Up There? – 0:58
 8.) Falling Through – 0:56
 9.) Touring the Ship – 2:16
 10.) Marie Celeste – 1:37
 11.) I Saw A Little Girl – 1:45
 12.) No Unexpected Guests – 2:13
 13.) Bullet Holes – 1:10
 14.) Cabina Di Capitano – 0:58
 15.) Katie Appears – 1:47
 16.) Meeting the Captain – 2:44
 17.) Bodies – 1:25
 18.) Francesca Appears – 1:30
 19.) Freezer – 1:10
 20.) Finding Gold – 1:31
 21.) Work To Do – 1:54
 22.) Santos Dies – 1:24
 23.) My Little Box – 4:08
 24.) Go To Hell – 1:56
 25.) Bon Appetite – 1:59
 26.) Katie's Dolls – 1:23
 27.) Ballroom Reverts – 1:38
 28.) Francesca's Theme – 1:01
 29.) Epps Meets Katie – 1:46
 30.) Survivor – 1:13
 31.) Katie Disappears – 1:15
 32.) Fight – 2:34
 33.) Repairs – 1:30
 34.) Underwater – 2:00
 35.) Greer's Body – 0:59
 36.) Murphy's Body – 1:20
 37.) I Guess It's Over – 5:33
 38.) Graza Explodes – 0:40
 39.) Souls Ascend – 3:24
Now that you know the list, here’s what to expect from this CD: Creepy music. Lots of it. The majority of these songs are low, quiet, dark or otherwise threatening and “what’s around the corner” styled. The strings will do their quick little spidery notes, you’ll get some empty, wind-like sounds, flutes will waver along hinting at ghosts, and so forth. Little horn and little percussion except in places where the action picks up or events get really tense. For example, track 8 gets paced much faster and with some interesting percussion, but then it’s still only 56 seconds long.
A lot of the sort of empty, echoing sounds, as well as other sounds, may be electronic if I’m listening right. Gives the tracks a nice addition to the layer of creepiness because the sounds can do a few things instruments just can’t. What I do like the most is some of the theme between Katie and Epps because it’s softer, more relaxed, and contains some piano and a bit of brighter flute.
However, how many people are going to buy this CD to enjoy the creepy music. Especially since it’s so quiet, you’ll be turning your volume up just to hear a few pieces and then down again when things pick up. Some soundtracks can easily be ear candy, perfect even without the movie action. With this type of movie and the music it requires, while the music is just fine for the movie, the same can’t be said for outside listening. Half the time the music is so low and scarce of instruments, there is barely any at all to listen to. Perfect for a dark, empty hallway. Not so much for your eardrums. Naturally this gives the CD low replay value. In fact, you may listen to it once and never again, or in my case, once and then just picking out the good tracks to listen to from then on.
Speaking of good tracks to enjoy, I feel I should point out the song that made me look for this CD in the first place. “My Little Box” is the song playing when Katie shows Epps what went down on the boat years ago. I loved it. It was perfect and it came with lyrics and a sweet beat, brought to you buy Gabriel Mann. To my delight, it’s on this soundtrack and is the most listened to song.
I give this CD three stars because the music isn’t at fault; it’s not crappy. Frizzell has skill; he knows when to use one section of the orchestra, when to utilize some chorus, and when to hit the bare minimum. It’s just that since it’s applied to a scary movie, there isn’t much to listen to. The bottom line? It's brooding and supernatural; a good piece of work, just not really appropriate for any other time outside the film. So, in case you want to ditch the whole CD altogether, here are the tracks I give kudos to:
 17. Bodies
 23. My Little Box (best song on here)
 26. Murphy’s Body (similar to tracks 22 and 24, but with more string)
 39. Souls Ascend (watch out for the creepy twist ending)
 P.S. If you’re looking for the rock song played at the end of the movie, it’s not here. Go look up Mudvayne’s “Not Falling” because that’s what you want.
P.P.S. There have been discrepancies about whether the flashback scene uses the song “My Little Box” or a song called “Superhoney.” While I distinctly remember the former song, I found the latter in order to compare. If “Superhoney” was in the movie, I don’t remember it. Still, it’s a pretty good song.

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