A Charlie Brown Christmas

You know, I never knew why it was called Peanuts...
If Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang ever had theme music during Christmas, well, this is exactly what it would sound like. Er, taking away the fact that it is the theme music for them at Christmas.
Vince Guaraldi and his small group of jazz players bring the real spirit of both Christmas and the Peanuts gang to life. If you have ever seen the animated Charlie Brown movie Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!, then here’s all the music to it. I don’t really feel the need to do my usual go-through-every-track-in-detail for this CD because it’s all essentially the same style; mellow, jazzy, and relaxed. From the dance of falling snowflakes to casually ice skating over a frozen pond to Vince’s versions of old classics, you have a full range of great music you can sit in the firelight and read a book to. Here’s the list of what songs you’ll get:
 1. O Tannenbaum
 2. What Child Is This
 3. My Little Drum
 4. Linus And Lucy
 5. Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental)
 6. Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal)
 7. Skating
 8. Hark, The Herald Angel Sings
 9. Christmas Is Coming
 10. Fur Elise
 11. The Christmas Song
 12. Greensleeves
Every year my mom puts this on, and every year I love listening to it. In some cases I’ll steal it out of the CD player to play it on my computer. Um, like I am now. Heh. I get all excited when I’m at work or out shopping and I hear the opening piano notes to a song from this CD. While some artists out there think that making an old Christmas song into hip hop or rock or remixed something by Bing Crosby (bleh to all of that), Vince and his guys have done nothing more than used a piano, bass, and drums to make these songs loveable and perfect for the Yuletide season. Don’t forget, you’ll also get vocals, not only singing in track 6 and 8, but also very subtle ones in track 3. The exact same stuff as what is in the little Charlie Brown movie. Yay!
There’s no way to listen to this CD without images of bright and cheery Christmas trees popping up into your mind, maybe even Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Or catching snowflakes on your tongue. Or Snoopy acting like a penguin.
“Yes, he’s even a good penguin!”
I love this CD. :3

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